Trump on waterboarding: ‘We have to fight fire with fire’

Watch Video: Trump On Waterboarding: ‘We Have To Fight Fire With Fire’

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    US President Donald Trump backs waterboarding and says “we must fight fire with fire”.

Story highlights. Trump talked to Ret. General Mattis about waterboarding; Trump previously campaigned to reinstate the torture methodRepublican nominee Donald Trump reiterates his call for the return of waterboarding and the use of other harsh interrogation techniques in the battle CBSN Donald Trump: We need to change law to allow torture, waterboarding. Donald Trump said he wants to expand the law to allow torture and waterboarding in an CNN Trump Supporter Calls Waterboarding “Putting Someone In A Bit Of Discomfort To Extract Information” Kayleigh McEnany: “I’m Not Sure That It’s Punitive Donald Trump’s CIA appointee Mike Pompeo, an Army veteran and current congressman, defended ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques used by George W. Bush’s Trump goes back to defending waterboarding in the war against ISIS ‘savages’ as he says the US must sometimes be ‘pretty vicious’ to win Donald Trump said the US is USA Today politics blog Most Popular. Monica Crowley, Trump pick for NSC spokeswoman, bows out amid plagiarism charges 3.3k SharesIt may be the case that Trump has read the Constitution. But to go by his public positions, it remains a question whether he understands it. From early in To understand and track Trump’s views, we’ve compiled a list of his past and present positions on issues since he announced his candidacy.Donald Trump has done the unthinkable – unthinkable, that is, to the sneering elites: the “journalists” who have been spending their days snarking at

Trump on waterboarding: ‘We have to fight fire with fire’

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