Trump has EPA on notice

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    Guy Benson joins Special Report panel comprised of Tim Farley and Charles Krauthammer to discuss Trump’s end around the EPA. Hosted by Bret Baier FAIR …

Trump ignores Gore’s advice, instead picks skeptic to head EPA & dismantle climate agendaIn interviews, Trump’s EPA pick questioned climate change, said Obama EPA rules would be undoneDonald Trump Taps Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to Lead EPA Republican has been harsh critic of agency, fought Obama’s environmental regulationsTrump later confirmed plans to nominate Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad as the U.S. ambassador to China, a nation Trump has been feuding with in recent days.Trump to name Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma attorney general suing EPA on climate change, to head the EPADonald Trump has been clear about his plans for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He wants to dismantle it. “We’re going to have little tidbits Though Trump appears to have backed off his pledge to “get rid of [EPA] in almost every form,” his choice of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to Even with warm 2015/16 winter, US 20+ year trends are still down. Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow. This winter has started in December with some frigid cold Pruitt has reportedly been under consideration to head the Environmental Protection Agency, which he has criticized for imposing costly regulations.5 things AG Scott From day one of a Trump administration, Mr. Pruitt’s EPA is expected to be much friendlier to oil-and-gas industry interests, and will act quickly to

Trump has EPA on notice

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