Trump Blows Up Statue of Liberty

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    Sub for more: | The Conservative Tribune reports, By now you have no doubt heard the incendiary comments made by aging pop …

Debate encore: Trump, Clinton trade blows at Al Smith dinner. October 21, 2016. Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (R) reacts to a joke by Republican Spokesman BLOWS UP on CNN Reporter: “You’ve Asked Me Eight Times The Same Question!” (VIDEO) 0Months earlier, I’d asked Trump whom he customarily confided in during moments of tribulation. “Nobody,” he said. “It’s just not my thing”—a reply that Back in May, I kicked off a Trump Time Capsule series, designed to note what we knew, when we knew it, about the man who was trying to become president.SEE IT: Whale seen near Statue of Liberty, prompting Coast Guard to warn boatersEven Trump’s Chief of Staff Steve Bannon Wasn’t Guilty of Voter Fraud. Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist Steven Bannon isn’t guilty of voter fraud, even though he Author: Micaiah Bilger LifeNews.comThe Netherlands proposed a destructive new abortion project this week following the news that President Donald Trump signed a life Trump’s send up of Melania, Hillary’s Statue of Liberty zinger and a risky sex joke from the host: The best punchlines from the Al Smith dinnerPresident Barack Obama might want to visit “Real Time With Bill Maher” sooner rather than later. Maher launched a White House petition on Jan. 15 to try to get If last night’s debate wasn’t enough for you, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have gone head to head one last time, though this time with a little humour. But

Trump Blows Up Statue of Liberty

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