Justin Trudeau’s Response to President Trump’s Refugee Ban

Watch Video: Justin Trudeau’s Response To President Trump’s Refugee Ban

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    28% of Americans would consider moving to Canada if Trump is elected. For the premiere of our new series 2016ish, Liz Plank brought some of your pleas for …

Justin Trudeau takes on Donald Trump. During the Maclean’s Town Hall, Justin Trudeau served up some strong political jabs against Donald Trump.Donald Trump’s international web of businesses creates unprecedented potential for conflicts of interest and corruption. And some picks for his administration might Kevin O’Leary is sounding the alarm over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan for a national carbon price and apparent willingness to re-open the North American Voices Welcome to President Trump’s (Un)Ethical World David Rothkopf The Grave Dangers and Deep Sadness of ‘America First’ Max Boot Best Defense contest He said the response wasn’t over and the U.S. could take further, covert action — a thinly veiled reference to a counterstrike in cyberspace the U.S. has been After incorrect or unprovable statements made by U.S. Republican President Donald Trump and some White House aides, one truth is undeniable: Sales of George Orwell’s The Bighetty & Bighetty Puppet Show use the Cree language to entertain youth UnreservedCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under fire for hailing Fidel Castro as ‘larger than life’ and a ‘legendary revolutionary and orator’ after he died on Friday Epoch Times is an independent, global news source, headquartered in New York, with a focus on uncensored China news, culture and science.28 Mins Ago *Many in Cairo decry rising prices. But on the streets of Cairo it is hard to find people who agree. But while Egypt has floated its currency with the aim

Justin Trudeau’s Response to President Trump’s Refugee Ban

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