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February is the second month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. It is the shortest month of the year as it is the only month to have a length of less Define February: the second month of the Gregorian calendarFebruary definition, the second month of the year, ordinarily containing 28 days, but containing 29 days in leap years. See more.February is the second month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. It is the shortest month with only 28 days in common years and 29 days in leap years.Define February. February synonyms, February pronunciation, February translation, English dictionary definition of February. n. pl. Feb·ru·ar·ies The second month February 2017 Monthly, Weekly and Daily Validated Holidays, Calendar, and Observances.February 2018 Holidays Bizarre Days Valentine’s Day, President’s dayUnited States February 2017 – Calendar with American holidays. Monthly calendar for the month February in year 2017. Calendars – online and print friendly – for February (plural Februaries or Februarys) The short month following January and preceding March in the Roman, Julian, and Gregorian calendars, February 2017 movie releases and movies that come to theaters in February 2017