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President Trump evidently doesn’t know the definition of “press conference.” He’d promised a “pretty big” one, but instead gave a hastily-arranged speech President Donald Trump took questions from the press in a combative news conference on Tuesday.WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump on Tuesday gave a freewheeling, rambling and angry press conference to reporters at Trump Tower in New York.President Donald Trump launched an extraordinary denunciation Thursday of his critics, complaining he inherited a “mess” and slamming stories that his Donald Trump held a news conference in New York on Wednesday. NPR’s politics team, with help from journalists across the newsroom, live-annotated his remarks.President-elect Donald Trump held a free-wheeling, hour-long press conference at Trump Tower Wednesday morning — the first formal press conference he’s Related: An amazing moment in history: Donald Trump’s press conference. During his remarks, Trump made several statements about the media that were either President Donald Trump just delivered a press conference in which he responded to James Comey’s Capitol Hill testimony for the first time.Fox News Hosts Split Over Donald Trump’s Wild New York Press Conference “I have too much eye makeup on to start crying right now,” host Kat Timpf said of Let’s be very clear about what just happened at Donald Trump’s press conference. He gave the alt-right its greatest national media moment ever.